The Diploma of Business Management sets the foundation for good management skills with a focus on productivity, leading people and recognizing the importance of allocating work to meet time and budget constraints. This course highlights the need to develop sound communication skills with both business contacts and work colleagues and also assess information for accuracy and relevance. Learning how to prioritize, network and use business technologies to access, organise and monitor information demonstrates the comprehensive nature of the Diploma of Business Management. At the end of the course, students will have the competencies to apply for employment as a Junior Manager in a variety of business across various industrie.


Marketing is an important interface function with the market environment and focusses sharply on the delivery of the output. Its role is to ensure continued compatibility of the organisation's offerings with the market requirements and to deliver the benefits sought by the customer. With the opening up of the economy, increase in the literacy rate and communication through mass media, the Indian consumer has become more informed and empowered. The Internet technology has also revolutionised the marketing and sales functions. The advent of e-commerce and e-business are creating new learning opportunities. The customer is no longer willing to accept what is offered without questioning. This programme covers various aspects related to Marketing Management, Marketing Research and Advertising. The programme covers the strategic role of e-business in improving the marketing function of a firm. In the global marketing environment subject to intense competition and rapid Internet-induced changes, an organisation's competitive advantage depends on key strategic decisions. This programme gives decision-makers a strong foundation in marketing concepts and skills.


After completing this course the student’s skill will be highly professional and impressive and will have an edge over other colleagues in the same level and are likely to get promotions and better pay packages than who have not advanced their education.


The mission of the Professional Diploma in Office Administration Skills is to prepare efficient office manager, who can share in building the best image of business organization, and become an asset for the management and meet the shift of office working with the improved knowledge and techniques of secretarial staff in different types of organizations. Intended for: Secretaries & administrative assistants of the public, private, and non-profit sector organizations who have the desire to enhance their skills and knowledge in office management and secretarial work to contribute efficiently in their work places.